About Us
The nature of childhood has changed . . . and there isn’t much nature in it. Today's children are spending less time in nature than their parents or grandparents. Children ages 8 to 18 spend on average 7.5 hours using entertainment media; including 4.5 hours watching TV, 1.5 hours on the computer, and another 1.5 hours playing video games. At the same time, one in three American kids is overweight or obese; more than half of all children in the United States are deficient in Vitamin D; instances of attention deficit disorders are on the rise; and stress, anxiety and depression rates among youth are increasing. In addition to the health related issues from limited outdoor activity, children are disconnected from the outdoor world. Conservation is an unknown term. Today’s youth are living in a world of instant gratification - if they don’t like what is on TV there are hundreds more at the push of a button. If they are not winning the video game one click resets the contest. Traits such as patience, commitment, a solid code of ethics, respect for nature, and rewards from consistent skills improvement are more foreign to many of today’s youth than ever before. Getting kids involved in hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities can help to reverse these alarming trends. Our Mission is to introduce children from all walks of life to the wonderment of the outdoors that can be experienced through hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits.  In short, to Get That Kid Outdoors!

The Founder

David Smith, Founder and Lead Counselor of Outdoor Kids, is no stranger to the outdoors. His expertise extends to almost all areas of outdoor sports including hunting, shooting, archery, fishing, flyfishing, ATV use, camping, backcountry survival and more. He was a three time national finalist in the Total Outdoorsman Challenge TV show featured on the Outdoor Channel. His knowledge has been published in Field & Stream, Southern Sporting Journal, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution and other publications. He owned and operated International Sporting Tours for seven years, providing travel and outfitting services to corporate groups throughout North and South America. Most recently he started the consulting firm OutdoorXperts (www.OutdoorXperts.net) providing technical consulting to the film and television industry. An experienced fishing guide, outfitter, competitor and entrepreneur, David is now applying his passion to getting more kids interested in the Outdoors.    ​